Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girls Weekend!

My sisters got to come down for a girls weekend and it was so fun! Little Xander was the man of the house and us girls had lots of fun! The first night they were here Chels wanted to do pedicures so that is what we did! She also wanted me to wax her eyebrows but we didn't make it that far...maybe over Thanksgiving :)

This isn't the best picture of Xander but he is actually holding still in this picture! He LOVES to hold his toes and look around. I can't believe how big he is already!!
Me and Angie-lou! :)

What cute sis' I have! And yes, I am actually painting toes, despite the fact that I HATE feet!--don't know what's up with the hair under my right eye...

Angie-Lou went first and she wasn't very happy with how warm the water was, but in the end I think she really enjoyed it :)
Chels had to do her own pedi, but then Ti was nice enough to paint her toes....Look at the concentration in her face! She gives REALLY good pedicures, I keep telling her she should go to hair and nail school, she would be really good at it!

The end results!! Aren't they cute, just so they can be tucked away in shoes and socks...or for those of us who wear flip-flops all year round, its perfect!

It was sure fun to have a girls weekend even though I had lots of studying to do and a paper to write...It was relaxing to laugh and talk with them! Wish they were closer or could come more often!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hot Air Ballooning!

We got to be part of the crew so this is us getting the balloon ready to go :)

I'm holding the basket of the balloon up while the balloon man is trying to get the balloon up in the air. I was SO hot under the big flame! (and we thought we would be cold, so we brought hoodies LOL)

Here is Ti...This was just after we took off...The feeling of being in a balloon is very different---you really feel like you are floating!

Sorry this picture is sideways I can't (or maybe don't want to take the time to figure out how to turn it so how about you turn your head instead) :)

The balloon man called this a kiss and run---the bottom of our balloon basket almost touched the virgin river and then we floated back up and out of the trees! It was kind of interesting! We did this right by a bike/running trail we use so it was fun to be so close to an area we are familiar with!

Love the view!

This was so pretty from the balloon! It was fun to look down and recognize things! The temple of course stood out!

We are up in the air and the reason the picture is blurry is because of the heat! About every 30 seconds the balloon guy added more hot air to the balloon, so we had a built in heater and hissing noise!

When we got to the landing spot, the balloon man had me jump out and grab the tarp and a blanket for the basket to lay down on. I had to help the "chase" guy get a tarp ready for the balloon to fall on. It was actually a TON of work!

"deflating" the balloon

Don't look too close at this picture... They were "burping" the balloon and I got the dirty job of standing at the top where all the fumes were coming out. IT WAS A HORRIBLE SMELL coming out and I was trying hard to keep my balance---the balloon is really heavy and I had to keep the top as tight as I could.

So after we got all the air out, we had to help put this balloon into this bag---kind of like rolling up a tent, but a lot heavier! This bag with the balloon in it weighed about 300 lbs and I had to help lift it about 3 feet every couple of minutes until the balloon was completely in it. Then he had Ti and I sit on it to squish the balloon down in!

This was our basket we got to ride in :)
Ok So I don't even want to try and catch up on the last year. I have been so busy with Hygiene school and in my spare time (which is next to none) I have been making baby gifts for Chel so... For Christmas last year, Ti gave me a hot air balloon ride! We had been wanting to go for a while and it was a totally different experience from Sky Diving, but it was fun! So this was at the top of the page when I started and then after the it is at the bottom! Glad you found it :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Angels Landing

Ok so when I add pictures they go everywhere...they are in no specific order and I'm sorry... but I think they are pretty :) The picture where you can see Ti on the left and her friend waited while his girl friend and I continued the hike all the way to the top of the landing....

Ok so sorry its been forever since I have updated my blog, for those of you who don't know, I started the Dental Hygiene program at Dixie State in August, and as you can probably guess, it takes up all my time, and then some!!

Ti and I have been wanting to hike Angels Landing for a long time, and didn't want to do it in the dead heat of the summer, so we woke up Sat. and decided to go for a hike, we threw in some treats and water and were on our way!! The picture of the trail is about 1/3 of the way up I would say.... it was really funny because people would make it this far and decide they didn't really want to go the whole way so they would say "I made it about 1/2 way and turn around"....they had no idea what was ahead of them, but I guess if they were done with just walking up switch backs, they wouldn't have made the chain part so....

The picture of the bird is from the top of angels landing...its a California Condor and it was flying so close over head we could hear the wind between it's feathers and it is tagged with the #13. It was really pretty and fun to watch

This is a picture of us on the way up, I definately wore the wrong shirt, or at least I was easy to see because on the hike to the top, several people labeled me by my shrit "tooth girl"---Volunteer shirts, ya gotta love them!!! (And you could NEVER tell my major from my shirt, right??)
When we made it to the part where you begin to hold on to the chain, Ti decided she was not fit for the height and sheer cliffs on both sides. She decided she wanted to wait and I didn't really want to keep going and leave her there to wait, so we were going to turn around when we met this other couple from Germany, Allie and Ami (ah-mee). They were here in the US for 16 days to do some hiking and she wanted to go but her boyfriend was scared of heights, so Ami waited with Ti while Allie and I continued up the trail. We ended up hiking with a group of about 8 of us, one girl was from Australia and her boyfriend was from Michigan, the other couple was hiking from another point and this was their 15th mile (they had backpacked overnight) the third couple was from back east somewhere, (I was the only one from Utah in the group) and it was a good mixture of people and personalities! The sights were so pretty and I enjoyed being up there. I was a little sketchy on the way up at times when I realized I wasn't holding onto the chain, but I didn't feel like I needed it the whole time, I think it was more of a realization that I wasn't holding onto it when I probably should have been.... I would describe the hike to the top as walking up a bunch of rock stairs except with a chain right by your side and sheer cliffs on both sides.
The hike was gorgeous and it was about perfect temperature outside (we started out with hoodies and at 46 degrees but as you can tell from the picutures, before long we ditched the hoodies and were sweating before long)... I would recommend this hike for sure! :)
(Sorry once again this is kind of spacey---look at Ti's blog for a more organized set of probably different pictures lol) Sorry mine is so mixed up, but gotta get back to studying....

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here we are in Times Square with the famous NAKED COWBOY!! Ti and I laughed several times before we decided to take this picture, but thought it was funny so we did it :)

Ok so call me dumb but when I put my pictures on they went backwards from the way I wanted them too, so we will just move backwards through the trip LOL. This picture is in Times Square where Ti and I got our picture taken with the naked cowboy... it was quite funny, he thought we were funny because we were "Mormon's from Utah" and got our picture taken.

This picture is in Central was one of my favorite places just because you could see so much from there and there were so many different people everywhere. I can't put all my pictures on from here or anywhere really because there are so many, but it was pretty and lots of fun! Thanks for coming with us mom and dad Lamb :0)

We decided to venture into Pennsylvania one day and see everything there so we got rental car in the city. We saw some cool things there and I had to hiccups really bad that WHOLE chest and tummy hurt from hiccuping so hard! :(
This is a picture from our Hotel room in Canada. The falls were GORGEOUS especially from the Canadian side. I don't think any picture could do justice for what we were able to see :) Canada was a lot of fun even though I think it stressed Ti out and I got a little scared when she struggled declaring her nationality.

Here is a good picture of Ti while we were at the falls....maybe she was thinking about her nationality here lol.

This is the sacred Grove in up state New York. We spent the first few days up there seeing church sites. It was pretty even though there was no leaves.
I had a picture of the temple on here but it disappeared somewhere and I dont really have time to find it and put it on again, but I did want to update since oh yeah... it's been forever! I'm working on a scrapbook so that will be better, but here is this for now!
Thanks for the Trip Ti, Mom and Dad! It was fun!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Emerald Pools Hike

This weekend Ti and I decided to take a break from the usual never-ending amount of homework we continuously have on the weekends and went to Zions! We have been wanting to go for a while and decided it was warming up enough we should be fine to go and it shouldn't be too bad up was perfect and really pretty!
We decided to hike the Emerald Pools because it has been a little rainy down here and we figured we may be able to see some pretty waterfalls... The picture to the left is from underneath the lowest fall and the beginning of mud...I walked along the banister to try and avoid getting too muddy but found out rather quickly that I shouldn't have wasted my time because it only got worse! :)
The picture with Ti is just after we hiked out from under the first fall...and there was another water fall that is not normally there just coming down off the side of the cliff...
Just after we came out from under the lowest fall, we began the never-ending stair cases...who knows really how many stairs we climbed up but really it seemed like a lot :O) Good exercise though!

The views from almost any point made the trip definitely more worth going! It was SO pretty and because there wasn't very many people and they were all really occupied with the mud--- we were able to see some wild life. We did take a few pictures but we didn't sit in awe at the deers eating...

I really like this picture of Ti :) I got out of bed, brushed my teeth and hair and then threw on a hat, hoodie, and jeans and we were off... Ti put on mascara and straightened her hair, brushed her teeth and we headed out the door.

We continued our hike up to the middle pool and we found a couple eating lunch so we decided not to stay very long and continued up the path. As we started to get closer to the upper fall we could see it creeping over the cliff and because I have never been there before I kept asking Ti if we were close or getting closer because I wasn't sure she wanted to keep going. But when we made it....

It was beautiful up there! We had lots of fun watching some little boys decide if they could walk on the ice or if it would broke and then he said he wasn't really trying to walk on it, he was just sitting on the log setting his feet on the ice....RIGHT LOL we heard the whole story and it was just funny.. Poor kid, he had to hike out of there with frozen feet...BUR!

This is just a little hint of the mud that we trudged through on the way back down from the falls...we had no idea that it was going to be as muddy as it was this way back or we would have gone down the way we went up! We should have taken a hint when there was no one coming up the trail but uh we didn't and regardless we had a great time! I did take a slip in the mud but I saved the camera :) I think we had about ten pounds of mud on our feet by the time we got to the bottom. If we would have gone in my car we would have had a mud fight :) Thanks for the adventure Ti and for going with me! I had a great time away from homework and school!! (Sorry for all the spaces...I had a really hard time getting this post to work, this is my third time doing it and needless to say I don't have the patience to try and fix it...)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pictures from my AMAZING fall!!

This was one of the last times he double (or who really knows how many times) he checked to make sure we were secure before we wiggled to the door....Love the antennas?? :)

I just thought I would post a few of my pictures from my jump...I'll still try and get my video on here sometime soon :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back to the gRiNd...

Well it seems like it has been years since I last up-dated my blog but only because it has! I am back in school this semester and just applied to the Dental Hygiene Program at Dixie State College. I have received an e-mail that I made it past the first cuts and I go for further testing on Feb. 14 so who knows what will happen! My life pretty much consists of work, school, and homework, with Tianne to spice it up and make me get off the computer and do something worthwhile! :) Thanks Ti! It was a beautiful day and we wanted to go to Zion but because we both had so much homework to do we decided we were better off to stay home this weekend so maybe next weekend we can go! We decided we had sat around enough today and were going to go to the hot tub but we arrived only a half hour before closing time and it was jam packed so we walked right back out and come home to do guess what?.....more homework! Sigh! It's a good thing there is more to life than just school right?!