Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girls Weekend!

My sisters got to come down for a girls weekend and it was so fun! Little Xander was the man of the house and us girls had lots of fun! The first night they were here Chels wanted to do pedicures so that is what we did! She also wanted me to wax her eyebrows but we didn't make it that far...maybe over Thanksgiving :)

This isn't the best picture of Xander but he is actually holding still in this picture! He LOVES to hold his toes and look around. I can't believe how big he is already!!
Me and Angie-lou! :)

What cute sis' I have! And yes, I am actually painting toes, despite the fact that I HATE feet!--don't know what's up with the hair under my right eye...

Angie-Lou went first and she wasn't very happy with how warm the water was, but in the end I think she really enjoyed it :)
Chels had to do her own pedi, but then Ti was nice enough to paint her toes....Look at the concentration in her face! She gives REALLY good pedicures, I keep telling her she should go to hair and nail school, she would be really good at it!

The end results!! Aren't they cute, just so they can be tucked away in shoes and socks...or for those of us who wear flip-flops all year round, its perfect!

It was sure fun to have a girls weekend even though I had lots of studying to do and a paper to write...It was relaxing to laugh and talk with them! Wish they were closer or could come more often!

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